Tin is an electrolytic process that is widely used in the protection of ferrous and nonferrous metal substrates. Tin enhances the electrical conductivity and solderability of coated parts, and is therefore suitable for the electronics industry . The great advantage of tin is its excellent toughness, which allows forming plated parts in many shapes , without damage tinned surface. This process is also suitable for the food industry because the deposited layer is not toxic , is corrosion resistant and high ductility.

The surface properties:

  • Tough surface, possibility of forming parts
  • Good conductivity, improves the conductivity of coated parts
  • Non-toxic finish, suitable for contact with food
  • Good corrosion resistance for indoor environments
  • Matte or glossy decorative appearance


  • 3-50 micron

 Dimensions parts

  • Maximum dimensions of parts 2000x1300x300 mm
  • The maximum weight of 40 kg mass 30kg/ks

 Basic Materials

  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper

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