Support Services

1. Grinding saw for cutting of metallographic samples

  • Blade Diameter 250 mm
  • Size material cut to a diameter of 94 mm
  • Guard safety lock - to lock access to the cutting area during cutting
  • Automatic safety brake cutting discs
  • LED lighting in your work area with spatially adjustable gooseneck



2. X - DAL

The X-ray apparatus for the measurement and analysis of surface layers of materials RoHS.

  • Working on the principle of X-ray fluorescence
  • Automatic measurement of layer thickness
  • Automatic analysis of base materialFischerXray
  • Analysis by measuring tasks (Cu / Ag , Cu / Sn , Al / Cu / Ag Ms / Ag , Al / Ag , Al / Sn)
  • The possibility of analyzing at least a 22- element in the alloy (qualitatively and quantitatively )
  • Analysis of panels of minimum size ( HxWxD ) to : 140 mm x 300 mm x 350 mm
  • Selectable test voltage X-ray tube
  • Continuously selectable collimator with circular and slotted provedeníml
  • Laser sighting with fully automatic optical focusing
  • Control table of min . dimensions of 400x400 mm with scrolling in the X and Y with min . load of 18 kg
  • Sliding stored motor -ray measuring head in the Z axis measuring range min . 0-80 mm
  • Calibrated software for machine control in English
  • External control unit with monitor ( screen)
  • Precision XY stage position < 0.01mmenergetické resolution of < 185eV
  • Measurement issues according to RoHS directive 2002/95/EC of the European Community and 2006/96/EC on the content of hazardous elements in electrical and electronic equipment and components used to manufacture
  •  At least 3 primary filters
  • Camcorder with automatic functions ZOOM




3. Presses for pressing samples

  • Safety cap space heating chamber
  • Simultaneous insertion of two samples using spacers
  • Temperature setting of 150 ° C or 180 ° C




4. Metallurgical microscope with scanning camera

  • Objectives 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x
  • Software for evaluation




5. Universal hardness tester with automatic evaluation of measurement
Technical parameters:

  • Measuring scale - Rockwell, Vickers , Brinell , HVT , HBT
  • Load - selectable continuously 2-187,5 kginnovatest tvrdoměr
  • Measurement according to EN / ISO and ASTM
  • Correction of sensing elements
  • Closed Automatic measuring cycle
  • Manual measuring cycle
  • The resolution of 0.001 mm
  • Color display
  • Output USB - 2USB Camera
  • Set control standards, including certificates (HRC , HRB , HV, HB)
  • Set of universal desk and measurement products
  • Control software version CZ
  • The total test time in the range of 1-99 seconds
  • Service call within 6 hour, changeable lenses
  • Interchangeable indenter - set l0 pieces with a certificate , UKAS "
  • Universal hardness tester with automatic evaluation of measurement



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