Is a kind of chemical-thermal surface treatment of aluminum. It consists of a protective layer of aluminum oxide on the treated surface. This layer further oxidize and thus protects the aluminum itself .

Anodized finished aluminum ( aluminum alloy ) products to increase resistance to outside weather conditions , also increases the mechanical abrasion of the surface layer . This reduces significantly the thermal and electric conductivity but also the surface roughness - for example, after appropriate machining , since the elimination of microcracks in the surface structure of the aluminum leads to increased mechanical strength of the surface. Also anodization life of the product is greatly increased. In addition to this protective function of the anodization also its aesthetic importance, which it allows a significant enhancement anodized surface of the object.


  • 5-20 micron

Maximum dimensions of parts:

  • 1200 x 700 x 300 mm

Maximum weight:

  • 30 kg / pc

Daily capacity:

  • 22000 dm2

Basic Materials:

  • aluminum and its alloys



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