Kroměříž – Population and Industry

Kroměříž is the natural centre of the region with all that belongs to it. There are almost 30,000 inhabitants here, and the number of women slightly exceeds the number of men. The balance of population development is almost even, in recent years it has shown a slight drop.

Composition of population according to age categories:
0-14 years radek grafu    5,100 people
15-59 years radek grafu  19,500 people
60 and older radek grafu    5,300 people

Kroměříž has a long tradition of good education. Respect for education is prevalent even today: high schools and colleges are attended by almost 7000 students.

The sharp rise in the number of small businesses is characteristic of the town’s current development, nevertheless its economic profile is comprised of large and mid-sized companies, 73 of which are headquartered in Kroměříž. In addition to Magneton there are 16 construction companies, 4 gastronomic concerns, 3 furniture companies, 3 electronics plants, and 2 chemical and plastics companies, etc. 9 banks and 9 insurance agencies are headquartered in Kroměříž.

Kroměříž – a UNESCO Town

Kroměříž is placed on the banks of the Morava river in a fertile area called Haná, which was settled at the beginning of history. In the 13th century the original market settlement at the crossroads of business routes became the property of the Olomouc bishops and was declared a town in the year 1260. Here the bishops built a representational summer residence and placed the administration of the extensive possessions of the diocese in it. Kroměříž became a centre of religious culture and art. A significant chapter in the town’s history occurred in 1848 when the constitutional Imperial Assembly of the Austrian monarchy was transferred to Kroměříž.

Kroměříž was called the Athens of the Haná region. It was declared the most beautiful historical town in the Czech Republic for the year 1997. The complex of historical gardens and the archbishop’s palace were registered in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites in December 1998. The town is the setting for music festivals, exhibitions, professional conferences, symposiums and conventions. Its position in culture and way of life has a similar character as its location in the region: it is a centre open in all directions.

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