1926 MAGNETON, a factory for electromagnetic ignition, was founded...

 Ignác Lorenc

  • 2018  Company has successfully accomplished switchover to IATF 16949:2016 and have gained a certificate of the quality management system from Det Norske Veritas.
  • 2014  Defence of certificate ISO 14001:2004 from Det Norske Veritas
  • 2013  Certificate of quality management ISO 9001:2008 Certificate issued by DNV Business Assurance lets customers know they can trust us that we have implemented the necessary internal processes to meet obligations
  • 2013  Certificate ISO/TS 16949:2009 from Det Norske Veritas The automotive industry’s international quality management system
  • 2011  Awarded certificate ISO 14001:2004 from Det Norske Veritas2013 Certificate ISO/TS 16949:2009 from Det Norske Veritas The automotive industry’s international quality management system 
  • 2010  Entrance of 100% assets by new shareholder Rovina Group a.s.. Awarded certificate ISO 9001:2008 from Det Norske Veritas 
  • 2001  Re-certified ISO 9001 and certified TS 16949. The John Deere "partner" position was defended again.
  • 2000  The John Deere "partner" position was defended.
  • 1999  The company became a "partner" of John Deere. A compact alternator was launched.
  • 1998   QS 9000 certification Awarded "Best Supplier" by John Deere
  • 1995   Awarded certificate ISO 9001 from Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance
  • 1994  The joint-stock company MAGNETON was founded. Series manufacture of starters with speed reducers, a brand-new concept of starters, began. The company was certified ISO 9002 by LLOYD'S REGISTER. MAGNETON UK was founded.
  • 1993  The Slovak branch MAGNETON Slovakia spol s.r.o. was founded.
  • 1989  The state enterprise PAL-MAGNETON was established by a founder's deed. MAGNETON, a. s. became a member of the Automotive Industry Association
  • 1988  A new surface treatment plant was put into operation.
  • 1987  Manufacture of new contactless semiconductor ignition for four-cylinder engines begun (along with the manufacture of Skoda Favorit cars)
  • 1980  A tool plant was put into operation.
  • 1970  MAGNETON was one of the first manufacturers world-wide to begin the manufacture of contactless electronic ignition (designed for Tatra 613 cars)
  • 1966  Manufacture in series of alternators for passenger cars replacing DC generators.
  • 1960  First ring-free watertight alternators with a semiconductor regulator designed for special vehicles were manufactured.
  • 1950  A state-owned enterprise called PAL-MAGNETON was founded by the merger of Motor-Union, Lorenz, and PAL. Production continued in Kroměříž, the Valašské Klobouky branch and at Morkovice (since 1958).
  • 1945  After nationalisation, MAGNETON, s. r. o. became part of PAL.
  • 1938  MAGNETON, s. r. o., became part of Zbrojovka Brno.
  • 1932  Manufacture of electrical motor-vehicle equipment started (designed for Aero 30, later Aero 50 and other passenger cars, such as Skoda Rapid, Tatra 85 and 87, or Wikov 1.5 t trucks)

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