Quality Management

MAGNETON gives a maximum attention to quality, to be able to meet the quality requirements of our customers without difficulty. We therefore devote attention to the entire pre-manufacturing and manufacturing process. Of course significant mater is an automatic output control of each of the final product.

Equally important is ensuring smooth cooperation with suppliers and selection of superior quality raw materials, whose quality is constantly monitored. This area also includes the care of our products by warranty and post-warranty service.

For quality control is responsible Quality Department. It cooperates closely with the Test Center, which carries out random long-term and comprehensive testing of our products. In opposite direction they cooperate in the preparation and development of new products to meet all quality requirements.

 High quality of MAGNETON products is guaranteed by international certificates ISO and IATF, which the company awarded the audit by DNV. Our own Development Department allows MAGNETON not only produce their products exactly according to the specific requirements of its customers, but also come up with new and unconventional solutions.

The high level of product MAGNETON is probed by a number of major customers throughout Europe.

ISOCertifikát IATF

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