Engine Simulators D&V Electronics

Model: ST -69
Tester performs two basic functions:

  • Measurement of starters in compliance with ISO8856
  • Replaces the internal combustion engine when testing starters. The device is able to reproduce the load to which the actuator is subjected during the start and according to the data obtained from the real internal combustion engine, ie. that simulates changes of spinning torque of the combustion engine during the compression and expansion and twisting pinion starter when starting the engine. Tester allows you to test the real flywheel ring gear, the interchangeability and thus the possibility of testing several types of triggers. The starters are supplied from the controlled volt - ampere characteristics. The control system controls the course test cycle , measured quantities needed for subsequent evaluation , ensures safety of fault conditions , allows unattended operation 


Technical parameters:

  • Output power starters - to 8kW
  • Load torque starter: 0 - 200Nm (torque on pinion starter )
  • Speed pinion starter: 0-15 000 rpm
  • Power Supply: 0 -24V , 0 -2200 A, 0 - 20mΩ

Measured parameters :

  • Voltage at the terminals 30 and 50, the current starter, power switch, the voltage drop at the contacts of switches, speed and shaft torque, flywheel, temperature, starter time.

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