Besides the production of starters and alternators electrical plant is able to offer mounting and press-work, spot welding, painting and waterproofing work, CNC machining, conventional and NC machines and lathes.


MAGNETON offers the possibility of using spare capacity in production:


Simple assembly work with hand assembled jigs and hydraulic presses:

  • hydraulic press table - the power of 20 to 31.5 kN (presses CDC2 and PYTE 3.15 )
  • hydraulic press rack - power 100 to 1000 kN (presses PYE10 to PYE100 )


Simple installation in electrical engineering as:

  • Welding
  • Soldering
  • Soldering parts of ordinary steel (resistive materials, nonferrous metals, silver contacts)
  • Soldering in electronics and mechanics, carried on with the performance of resisting 9 ÷ 50 kVA and welding press with a capacity of 100 kVA


Mechanical winding and banding coils and related work on various types of winding machines

Painting and waterproofing work


Painting of smaller parts coated by low pressure handgun in spray booths with the option of final drying in an electric drying oven.


Impregnation of various electrical components:

  • Coils, rotors and stators of electric motors
  • Impregnation glass, textile parts and washers


Impregnation is carried out by immersion, smaller components can be impregnated and vacuumed. Subsequent drying in electric drying ovens.

Machining on conventional and NC machines


Machining of simple parts turning, milling, drilling and grinding on universal machines :

  • Center lathes or turret milling machine universal
  • Cylindrical grinding and cutting
  • Finishing lathes
  • Lever milling
  • Table and drill presses
  • Tappers


Production of the gearing and the shaping of helices shaping machines OH4 , OH12 , OH16B


Machining on CNC machining centers ( non-rotating parts )

  • Vertical CNC 3 -axis machining Center CHIRON FZ12W
  • Magnum vertical CNC 3 -axis machining Center CHIRON FZ15W
  • Vertical CNC 3 -axis machining Center CHIRON Magnum FZ08KW


Machining on CNC lathes (rotating member)

  • CNC lathe with 2 controlled axes MAZAK QT Nexus 100
  • CNC lathe with 2 controlled axes MAZAK QT Nexus 200
  • CNC lathe with 2 controlled axes TRAUB TNA -300 with a tank material rises to ø42
  • Programmable automatic lathe for machining rod SCHAUBLIN 123








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