Financial Statement

The year 2013 has been characteristic by gradual recovery of demand. Slightly increase sales has been managed. Positive mood on the markets, was offset by the increased pressure of all trading partners at the lowest prices, short delivery times and a maximum date of maturity.

Turnover of the company for sale of goods and services was reached the in 2013 CZK in amount of 519 million. Increase of CZK 11 million compared to the year 2012. Sales volume increase was mainly due to the improvement in the market situation and intensification of cooperation with existing customers. Essential amount of CZK 160 million to total sales in 2013 involved increasing sales of company Thermo King and almost CZK 168 million in sale to customers in countries FSU.

Other trade partners are still burden on effects of the crisis and the related fears to invest into items on the stock  and risk aversion to buying only based on projections and estimates of market needs, as it has always been in past seasons. MAGNETON strives the stagnation or only slight recovery in demand in the aftermarket by introduction of new applications and intensive work on development projects (mainly 12V / 3.2 kW starter), but bringing new products to market will be reflected with a delay of several months.


Source: Financial Department, 2013